Fabrikksaga from 1928

160-year-old goat boat in factory saga from Angvik

The museum Handelshuset Angvik has now received a solid addition with the old factory saga. Here are two old boats – one of which is from 1850, an old sledge and various types of old tools.
One of the jewels in the collection in factory saga is a goat boat from Hoem, built in 1850. The last time it was used as a church boat was in 1920.

The goat boat from Hoem has a special shape and construction, which allows it to achieve good speed. It was built for use as a fishing boat, for transporting materials, towing timber – and to row people from Hoem who were going to the church at Tingvoll. There are four pairs of oars on the boat. It was also used with seals.

The last day the boat was used as a church boat was in 1920. At this time a motorboat route had already been set up, but on this day the motorboat was fully booked.
Then a group of young, strong guys from Hoem trooped up. Eight men rowed to Tingvoll. They blast rowed, caught up with the motorboat and rowed from it…


When Hoemsgeita was built in Warvika in 1850, there was a man called Samuel Flemmen who was there to learn boat building.
He married at Brubæk, and took the Brubæk name. He carried on the boat building tradition for several generations. The descendant Sigurd Brubæk moved to Nesjestranda and in his time built as many as 2,000 boats. He was a unique boat builder and is mentioned in the trade books of goat boat expert Jon Bojer Godal.


Another boat that is on display in the factory saga is the fishing boat Bastian Brubæk, which was built in 1916. It was built for the fisherman Anders Danielsen on Veiholmen. It is owned by the descendants Ingvar and Bjørnar Danielsen.

An old sledge from Åbakken, belonging to Stig O. Jacobsen’s great-grandfather, is also on display here.

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