Angvik has been a central trading center for several centuries. In the Museum Handelshuset Angvik, which is located in the old “Gustavbua”, there is cultural history going all the way back to Dutch times in the 16th century. Here you can read the story from the time back to the Dutch era, when Dutch ships entered the fjord to collect timber, to modern times, where the Angvik family is central to the story.

Museet Handelshuset Angvik


Located about 300 meters from the hotel and has three main stories;

Forests and sawmills
Boat and boat building tradition
The church journey across the fjord to Tingvoll.

The history is documented with information boards with text and old photos.

We recommend a guided tour of the wonderful museum, combined with an aperitif, before you go to the table.

The museum is initially open to groups that will have meals at the hotel.

Guided tours for day visitors can be arranged, but must be agreed in advance.

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